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Hotel Ollantaytambo Lodge

Hotel Ollantaytambo Lodge

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Puma Marca, located one hour and a half from Ollantaytambo, is a remarkably well preserved and extensive Inca site with spectacular views down the valley towards Ollantaytambo and surrounded by beautiful landscape, this archaeological site is located to the north side of the Archaeological Park of Ollantaytambo 6km away.

You may also see an old Inca Trail built along the steeply terraced valley down towards Ollantaytambo. On the way to Pumamarca you may see the fine terraces of Choquebamba, they range from almost the top of the hills down to the valley floor, in a fall of at least 800 meters. Made almost one hundred years ago they are still in use. Furthermore, you will pass by the community of Munaypata, a small Andean village.

The archaeological site Pumamarca is composed of a variety of architectural structures, such as platforms, terraces,  enclosures, roads, canals, and the Qolqas toward the bottom, while towards the top are found a series of rectangular enclosures. A room faces north, towards the square with 2 access openings.

Additionally, the site has other campuses that are examples of rustic Incan construction, which show evidence of clay mortar plastering. This whole area is flanked by a wall morphology and in certain sectors reaches a height of 5.00 m.